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Meanwhile, fellow beauty blogger Skye Asiyanbi quote-retweeted the news, simply adding, "What in the entire f*ck is going on.

In other words, it’s right in Sandler’s sweet spot, yet still pushes him into unknown territory. No one else could have done.

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Kevin Hart recently dropped off his Netflix documentary Don’t Fuck This Up that showcased never before seen.

"Carry on. Have a blessed and beautiful day.

happy new year." Following his fair clap.

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Most Hot & sexy beautiful girl  hard fuckWho is the most handsome footballer in the Premier League? – Fuck, even Shane Long. All of them should be more handsome than they actually are.

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Do you think Loren Gray wears a fuck ton of makeup? Do you like these jeans better since it cost 100 dollars.

With the release of Kevin Hart’s brand new Netflix documentary Don’t Fuck This Up, we were let into the comedian’s personal.

we all are struggling with something or the other . please talk . please don’t pretend to be happy when you are breaking.

Something’s been missing in my life lately. Cash? No. I work in media, I’m rich. Power? Sure, I could always use more of that.